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Commercial Loss? Not a Problem For SERVPRO

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Forklifts are driving force that make all the heavy lifting easy in the distribution and manufacturing world. However, there are roughly 85 forklift deaths and 34,900 serious injuries each year due to forklift accidents (data from 2007), according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  

Recently, SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County got a call from a company that distributes auto parts for a major American car manufacturer.  Apparently, a careless forklift operator struck a sprinkler line which unleashed 60,000 gallons of water into the warehouse.

SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County was called after the warehouse manager said the water ran for 40 minutes flooding over a quarter of the facility.  When crews arrived we scoped out the situation and began the process of extracting the water from the warehouse floor.  We also had to extract water from carpet inside the main office area.  

Whether it is a residential loss or a commercial loss, SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County is the company people call when they need a quick response because SERVPRO is faster to any disaster.

It Doesn’t Cost a lot to be Prepared

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

It is no secret that many families and individuals are looking to cut back on spending. But with the frequency of disasters, both natural and manmade, can you afford not to be prepared? Preparedness doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

September is National Preparedness Month, and we are asking you to help your family and friends prepare for whatever may come.

Here are a few tips* on how you can protect those that matter to you without spending a fortune.

• Make a Plan. Work with you family and neighbors to make an emergency plan for the types of disasters that affect your area. Make sure everyone in your family understands where to go and what to do in case of an emergency. You can download Family Emergency Plan templates

• Update Contact Information. Having accurate records for family, friends and neighbors will help you stay in contact and possibly help those in need. Make sure updated contact information is posted in visible places throughout your house and workplace.

• Check Your Policy. Review your insurance policy annually and make any necessary changes – renters, too! When a disaster strikes, you want to know that your coverage will get you back on your feet.

• Make a Ready List. You may not need all of the items in ready-made preparedness kits. Choose the essentials that fit your needs and budget. Don’t forget to keep supplies at work and in your car. Sample Ready Lists can be found at

• Plan Your Purchases. You can save money by thinking ahead. Don’t buy preparedness items just before a storm when they’re expensive and supplies will be in high demand. Buy items at the end of the season when you can get good deals.

• Shop Sales. Shop at sales and used goods stores. Buy preparedness items throughout the year, instead of all at once, and you won’t notice the cost as much.

• Make Sure it Keeps. Store water in safe, containers. You don’t need to buy expensive bottled water, just make sure your water containers are disinfected and airtight

• Request a Gift. We all get things we don’t need. Suggest preparedness supplies as gifts from your friends and family. It just might save your life.

• Trade a Night Out. Trade one night out to fund your 72-hour kit. Taking a family of four to the movies can cost upwards of $80. Just one night staying in could fund your Ready kit.

• *The best tip: start now. Take small steps toward preparedness and before you know it, you will be Ready!

A Full Service Restoration Company

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

This year has been one of the most active years for severe weather the Commonwealth of Kentucky has experienced in years.  From the deep freeze we experienced in January, to the flooding from heavy rains from February- August, SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County has been there for businesses and homeowners through each and every storm.

The Majority of people who are familiar with SERVPRO know us as a Fire and Water Restoration and Cleanup Company. What they don't realize is that SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County is a full service restoration company.  Not only are we faster to any disaster, but we can facilitate the rebuild on every job.

So what does that mean to our clients?

It means dealing with one company throughout the whole process.

For example: A client has a sump pump that fails due to a power outage from a strong thunderstorm. Within a couple of minutes water has spread across the basement, and within an hour the client has several inches of water in their basement.  SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County is dispatched to the clients house to extract the water, remove damaged trim and drywall, and set air movers and dehumidifiers so the drying process can begin.  In many cases other restoration companies take care of the extraction, tear-out, and drying.  The client is then task with choosing another company to come in and replace the drywall and trim that was torn out, which can be annoying and overwhelming.

SERVPRO makes the process seamless because we do it all from start to finish.  Our construction division works side by side with our production teams and when the drying process is complete we come in and do all the put back.  Clients love working with SERVPRO because we are a one stop shop.  Which means dealing with one company who coordinates everything takes all the pressure and emotion off the clients plate. The next time you experience a commercial or residential disaster call SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County.  We are a true full service restoration company.

City Sewer system failure

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Like most metro cities throughout the United States, Louisville, is dealing with an aging sewer system which dates back to pre Civil War times. MSD has addressed that there is an issue and say repairs are needed throughout the city.

A couple of weeks ago Louisville had moderate rain fall, but nothing that would be a cause for concern.  Unfortunately, a local company in the downtown area had a major water issue due to a sewer line collapse.  A major drain outside the basement of the building was rendered useless and the water had nowhere to go. The drain, located in a recessed courtyard, filled up with water several feet of water until it looked like a small swimming pool. The windows and door were no match for the pressure of this much water and ultimately it breached the building and flooded the conference room.

The property manager was notified by the security company that ran surveillance on the building and he called SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County.  We responded within a couple of hours and started the drying process while removing any wet materials. A few days later the drying was completed the equipment was gone the minor reconstruction was finished.  The conference room was back in use "Like it never even happened." Sometimes things happen that we can’t foresee, and that is why SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County is here to help in the event of any disaster.

Apartment Fire Damage

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County was recently called out to a fire at an apartment community. The leasing office had experienced heavy fire and smoke damage throughout the entire building. These are some of the steps SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County is taking during the cleanup process.

One of the first steps is securing the building. We start by boarding up all of the windows and doors as needed. Next we implement emergency services: cut out any and all drywall affected, remove carpet and pad, extract water, and then start the drying out process. In some cases we are asked to remove and clean all contents.  Crews will work on packing out contents one room at a time. Once all contents have been inventoried and packed properly SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County will bring them back to our warehouse. Once back at the warehouse they will be cleaned, deodorized, and properly stored.

The next step is to start cleaning the structure that was affected by the fire and smoke. When the area has been cleaned thoroughly, we set ozone machines to eliminate any odors as some may linger even after the extensive cleaning and removing of all damaged areas. A SERVPRO Project Manager will oversee that all of the scope sheets of work have been filled out and turned in daily. When the above steps have been completed a supervisor from SERVPRO will do a walk through with the crew to make sure every aspect of the job has been completed.  The last step is to do a final walk thru with the business owner, and sometimes the adjuster, to make sure all the work is up to their standards and expectations.

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County the next time a disaster affects you or your business.


8/20/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County is ready to handle any disaster, but sometimes the word disaster is relative. We usually think of disasters as wide spread events but that’s not always the case. Recently, SERVPRO received a call from a customer who had a tree root invade their French drain, causing significant water damage in his basement. To this gentleman this was a disaster, however those of us at SERVPRO see damage like this constantly. Realizing how this event affected this customer’s life SERVPRO treated this situation with great care and empathy because to our client it was his personal disaster.

The crew of SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County showed up at 1:30 am ready to start the mitigation process. We started by extracting the water and cutting out the wet carpet and pad. Once the carpet was removed they set air movers and dehumidifiers so the drying process could begin. Three days later our customer’s life was back to normal and SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County helped another satisfied customer.

So when your personal disaster hits your family, call a company that cares like SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County.

Forecasters predict a near- or above-normal 2018 Atlantic hurricane season

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Hurricane season is almost upon us and SERVPRO is ready to assist around the country when the storms arrive.  Our Storm Team has the equipment and manpower necessary to send crews before a storm makes landfall.  That way we are ready to help as soon as possible! 

For more information regarding the forecast for 2018 hurricane season visit the link below.

New satellite data and model upgrades to give forecasts a boost

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a 75-percent chance that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season will be near- or above-normal.

When your Louisville home has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. The water removal and water cleanup process is completed by our highly-trained technicians who will document the drying process. This validates that your property has been dried properly and thoroughly.

Please follow the tips outlined in our Water Damage Tips—Until Help Arrives Guide to protect yourself and your property.

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Water Damage cleaned up by SERVPRO

8/6/2018 (Permalink)

When business owners visualize water damage, they often picture a massive storm wiping out power lines, flooding offices, and shutting down businesses for days at a time. It is true that commercial water damage is often the result of floods and water that stems from weather events and storms. 

However, commercial property owners/renters forget that storms and severe weather aren't the only causes of floods and water damage. Here are some of the typical causes of water damage to commercial buildings. 
1. Malfunctioning sprinkler systems 
Some older office and retail buildings still have outdated sprinkler systems that work in conjunction with fire protection systems. While such sprinklers can come in handy during a fire emergency, they can also cause commercial flood damage if they are faulty or in need of replacement. This could easily damage inventory and business assets.

2. Damaged appliances and equipment .  This cause of commercial flood damage is more common in restaurants and catering facilities, as well as any business that has appliances and equipment that make use of water. If the appliance fails and sends water across your building, especially during late hours when no one is around, you may come back to work and face a water emergency. 
3. Broken pipes and plumbing.  Just like in a residence, if the plumbing system in your workplace fails water damage could be the result. 
4. Backed up sewer lines.  This is another cause of commercial water damage that often catches business owners by surprise. Should the sewer line to your building back up or become damaged, realize the potential dangers of contaminated Black Water which can cause health effects and ruin products and office furnishings. 
If your business has suffered water damage, SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County will get you back up and running again. Call us anytime 24/7 at (502) 244-7985 for fast help.

Strong Storms hit Jefferson County

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

It is now mid summer in Notheast Jefferson County and for the past few months all has been relatively quiet as far as strong storms and severe winds are concerned.

However, last Friday some very strong storms hit our community, SERVPRO was ready to jump into action where we were needed. The storm we experienced was spawned tornadoes, larger than golf ball size hail, lightening, strong winds and flash flooding.

We at SERVPRO want to make sure everyone is prepared as possible when these storms occur without much notice. Please make sure cell phones are always charged with SERVPRO's number (502) 244-7985), fresh working batteries in your flash lights, some cash on hand if you are able, a few gallons of fresh drinking water, and a working weather radio. These are just a few tips that could help keep your family, and loved ones, safe during storms.

Time is very important if flooding occurs to prevent more loss in your home, business, call us at SERVPRO of Northeast Jefferson County (502) 244-7985) so we can put things back together, Like it never even happened. 

Mold Damage

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

The Ohio Valley has a change of seasons that brings many different forms of weather. In February of this year Louisville had a very wet couple of weeks which resulted in a historic flooding situation of the Ohio River.

Some homes and businesses attempted to do the dryout on their own. The hot summer months that followed are causing SERVPRO to receive a high amount of microbial growth in places that were not dried out properly after the floods in February.

Last week we received a call from a customer that had gotten my name from one of our State Farm Agents and wanted us to look at an issue on an interior wall in his condo that had received a small amount of flooding in February. He took care of the flood damage himself and was unsuccessful in drying out the structure completely.  Due to this moisture left behind there was a large amount of mold growth on both sides of the wall that had formed rather quickly. We stepped in and resolved the issue quickly, "Like it never even happened."

If you suffer a water loss it's best to consult a professional so you don't have to worry about mold growing in your home or business.